Hi, my name is Byron and I am a dad, husband, runner, cook, and technologist.

I have been a software engineer in the pediatric biomedical research space since 2008. I am currently a director of engineering at one of the most highly regarded pediatric hospitals in the world helping to improve how research is done and the impact it can have.

Many engineers in industry think healthcare is boring, too legacy, or not innovative. That is absolutely not the case1. One of my goals of this site is to subtly highlight interesting problems in this domain. I also think there aren't enough technology blogs/newsletters using real-world domains, but I digress..

I enjoy teaching, so my intention for this site is to write about topics I have put into practice or find interesting. Each article will either:

  • Introduce the concept to build up intuition
  • Evaluate implementation choices
  • Deep-dive and discuss specific implementation details

1. I mean there certainly is some legacy, but what complex domains and organizations don't? Legacy is the foundation and pays the bills.